Teddy’s Transport is a perfect representation of a successful family business. Founded in 1982 , Teddy’s Transport is a nationwide, expediting service. It was started by Ted, or “Teddy”, and Mary Gibbs. The business was later purchased by their daughter and son in law, Helen and Craig Zeerip.

Helen is now the current President of Teddy’s Transport. She knows the business inside and out, as she watched her parents build the business at just age fifteen. “ I got to see the expectations and level of service they set the bar at.  The blood, sweat and tears they put into it to make it work; all their savings, sleepless nights, hard work, missed vacations, and sacrifice” said Helen. She always wanted to be a part of the business due to her passion for people and business. To prepare for her future in the business, Helen took every business class her high school offered. She later went to college for Business Management, Sales, and Marketing. When taking those classes, she would constantly wonder how she could apply whatever she was learning about, to Teddy’s Transport.

The most rewarding part about Teddy’s transport for Helen was the opportunity to work and spend time with her parents. Since buying the business and the passing of her father Teddy Gibbs in 2002, she now gets to enjoy working with her own children, Ashley Zeerip and Mikayla Zeerip. Helen believes they have been able to maintain good family relationships because of how close they all are. She stated that Family Business Alliance as well as The NowGen group have helped her navigate relationships with coworkers, especially family members.

Words of wisdom that Helen uses in her business are “if you are going to do a job, do it right!” Her parents have said that a number of times and she believes it is wonderful advice for her to pass on to her kids as well as other family businesses. Helen also hopes her children remember to “give all glory to the Lord” stating the business and blessings that they have would not have happened without Him.

The Zeerip family also loves to give back. Helen and Craig were foster parents for fourteen years and founded the charity Grant Me Hope in 2015. Grant Me Hope’s mission is to find older foster children adoptive parents before they age out of the system and potentially end up homeless. Their three primary goals are to educate America about the plight of foster children, recruit more foster families, and to get foster children adopted. The charity does these things by advertising videos of foster children, putting decals on vehicles, and having speaking engagements at churches. Helen also hopes to spread awareness of the fact that adopting foster children is free.

Grant me Hope will be hosting an auction and dinner fundraiser called “Celebrating Hope” on March 29, 2018 from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. The event will take place at English Hills Country Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Proceeds go towards finding foster children adoptive homes. All are welcome. Registration deadline is March 21st. More information on the event can be found at www.grantmehope.org/auction

Learn more about Teddy’s Transport at www.teddystransport.com