Dr. Don Steele, Ph.D.

Don earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees from Central Michigan University and Doctor of Philosophy Degree from The Ohio State University. 

Don is passionate about teaching, coaching, and writing. He started his career as a teacher and coach and within nine years served as the Superintendent of Schools in his home town of Saginaw, Michigan. Don then served as Superintendent of Schools for the Toledo Public Schools and for the Seattle Public School District. In 1985, Don founded Performance Learning, Inc. a business dedicated to educating, motivating and empowering athletes, entertainers, leaders, and teams across the spectrum of business, industry, and education. He also served as an adjunct professor and/or speaker at several universities including, but not limited to Harvard University, The Ohio State University, Central Michigan University and Saginaw Valley State University.

Don has authored seven books; the most recent being Undefeated the true story of the successful three generation, family owned and operated, Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry Service. He is currently writing Rebel Without Applause, the true story about Jon Hall and the success of his family owned and operated, Glastender, LLC.