"Family Meetings" with Chris Eckrich

“Thank you for the excellent program and thank you for inviting David and I to attend. David and I are planning a meeting to discuss what we learned and discuss the possibility of joining the FBA. I can really see the benefit of being apart of FBA.”

“I was at the meeting yesterday afternoon on family meetings. Very informative.”

“Great event today!  Would you be able to forward on Chris’ PowerPoint?”

“Thanks for all your work on the meeting last Thursday. Very informative and well done.”

“Wonderful session last week regarding Family Meetings.  Well done - and helpful.”

"8th Annual Family Business Forum" with Amy Schuman

“Thank you for this event, I took away many things.”

“I thought the Family Business Forum went very well. the Vermeer Family was great!”

From "The Softer Side of Succession Planning" with Greg McCann

"The program was outstanding!" - Tim

"Great event! I took feverish notes." - Ben

"Greg is the best speaker I have heard talk about soft side succession...great examples and stories...best speaker, presenter FBA has had." - Jim

"FBA provides tools that allow us to learn from one another and has resources that benefit us as well."  - Tony

"Excellent Program and content." - Anonymous

From "From White Castle to the White House"

"You put together really quality programming events/speakers for your members.  I really enjoy attending and always learn something. Keep up the good work!" - Michelle

"Great speakers, great location, great event - well done!!" - Rachel

"I was stuck in a feeling of disappointment with our culture. This even was exactly what I needed!" - CFO Attendee

From "Lessons in Leadership - Family Business"

"What's the best advice you received from the event?

Reach out to those that you trust and obtain their opinions and rationale for their thoughts.  Evaluate them together and use your common sense to sort it out." - Anonymous

From "5th Annual Family Business Forum"

"Great job Ellie and FBA! Nice event!" - John

"Keynote speaker was amazing!" - Anonymous

"Great program! Thank you!" - Anonymous

"Hearing the stories of local businesses was very worthwhile!" - Anonymous

"I appreciated the candor of the presenters. A lot can be learned from other people's stories and they certainly didn't hold back." - Anonymous

"Wonderful event, organized and beneficial!" - Anonymous