One-of-a-kind Network

At the Family Business Alliance, we believe that connecting with other family business owning families is a key opportunity to succeed into the next generation. So FBA leaders created two peer group programs- the NextGen Peer Group program, a program for the 20s, 30s and 40-somethings who aren’t yet running the family business but are working in the business, and the NowGen Peer Group program for the parents who are running the family business and looking on how best to pass the business down to the next generation.

These are small groups, designed to have a foundation of trust, confidentiality, and shared learning.


Who should join?

The next generation of family business leaders who:

  • Work in the family business
  • Are interested in future leadership as owners, board members, and/or executives
  • Are in mid-level management of businesses which are (or are willing to become) members of FBA
  • Want to share with and learn from their peers, and some of the best family business leaders West Michigan can offer, in a safe, confidential, friendly, and structured setting.

Please Note: Networking primarily for lead generation is not a program goal.

Program Structure

Eight to ten people in each group. A group will meet 10–12 times per year for three hours with a trained volunteer facilitator. No siblings or competitors will be in the same group. Group members will be assigned to groups by the Group Coordinator. A high level of confidentiality is required from all involved, including each group member, facilitator and all FBA staff. A company's size and other factors may also be considered in creating groups. Facilitators will have had small group facilitation training and experience.

Typical Meeting Agendas

  • Quick update from each member
  • Presentation by a business leader or outside expert on self-selected topics, or discussion on relevant reading topic.
  • "Issue of the Day" from the current experience of one or more group members. The purpose of these discussions is to provide an opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and help each other think through major issues. Initially, these will often be a facility tour and explanation of the business of one of the members.

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