Scott, 2nd Gen

“I can’t say enough about the NextGen program (and everything that they do at the FBA).  My brothers and I are all in groups. I’ve made a lot of good friends, and now have a trusted support group that I can approach with Family Biz questions and issues.”

Jeff, 1st Gen

NowGen participation has made me aware of a number of things I should be doing to improve both the business and transition, and caused me to actually do them!


NextGen member

"The Family Business Alliance has been an integral part of my personal and professional success as a businessperson. The relevance of the content presented at each FBA event and the next generation peer group meetings has truly shaped my career.  As a result, me knowledge, drive, and skills have been improved as a next generation business leader. Yet the most portable benefit for me has been the authentic and lasting relationships I've had the pleasure of developing in the next generation peer group setting.  I have learned from, encourage, and grown with my fellow peer group members each and every meeting."

Dale, 2nd Gen

It has been a wonderful forum for exchanging ideas about succession planning in a non-threatening, friendly environment.


NextGen member

"Participating in the NextGen Peer Group has accelerated growth in every aspect of my business leadership.  It provides a forum that promotes growth in knowledge, strategic thinking, accountability for myself and my peers, communication, critical thinking, and so many other key components of effective leadership within a family business (or any business!).  And most importantly, I now have a network of peers in similar situations with deep roots of trust that allow us to discuss absolutely anything that needs to be shared, from family dynamics within the business to challenging personal situations, some of which have nothing to do with the business.  The value that I receive from participating in this group is immeasurable."

Kim, 1st Gen

I have dragged my heels for a few years in creating an Advisory Board of Directors. As a result of discussions, the material covered, and accountability, we created one. I can't say it would have happened without my NowGen group.