About Membership Assistance

Qualifying Members Will Receive:
  • Up to 50% off of annual dues for a Basic Membership
  • All benefits included in a Basic Membership, including two (2) complimentary tickets to all quarterly events
  • Access to Peer Groups, with Group training fees waived
Other Important Details:
  • Participants in the Membership Assistance Program must apply for assistance every year that assistance is desired
  • Members are eligible for membership assistance for a maximum of three years
  • Member company remains responsible for all applicable fees for workshops and social events 

You can help someone on their family business journey.
Consider contributing to the Membership Assistance Fund. With your help, we are able to keep membership fees affordable for smaller family firms, fostering the continuation of the family business community of West Michigan.

All donations are non-tax deductable. Contact Melissa Miller (Melissa@FBAgr.org) for more details.